Two store relocations in 82 years. One was by choice, and one was the result of eminent domain. In 1926 and before graduating high school, Tommy Bronson became an entrepreneur when he opened Tommy Bronson Sporting Goods at 47 North Waldran in Memphis, TN, a location that does not exist today. huntingA mid-rise housing complex and parking lot now occupy the real estate where Mr. Bronson’s original store once stood. Although he lamented the requisite move in 1971 from Waldran to 1672 Union Ave., Mr. Bronson later concluded it was a stroke of luck from a business perspective. His clients found the new location much more convenient, and as a result, they visited the store much more frequently. Mr. Bronson’s original store was adjacent to Beauregard Park and the John Rodgers Tennis Center in Memphis. Why is this significant? Well Mr. Bronson exclusively sold tennis equipment until 1939, and the John Rogers Tennis Center was a tennis Mecca where Prep Leagues and Park Commission events were frequently held. In fact, Mr. Bronson ran those events for nearly 3 decades. He realized a full line of sporting goods, including hunting and fishing equipment, was necessary to sustain the business.mr bronson So despite his continued love for the game of tennis, and his national prowess as a premier equipment supplier to the U.S. Davis Cup team and to tennis legends like Fred Perry, Pancho Segura, and others, Mr. Bronson branched in to hunting and fishing. In fact, he often accompanied clients who traveled to hunt other domestic and international venues. Still on the walls of our store today, you can see some of the trophies Mr. Bronson harvested. Click below to see a few photos of the old store on Waldran.

stewartAll of Mr. Bronson’s three sons worked in the business during high school and college, however one of them, Stewart, made working at and managing the store his career. Now in semi-retirement, Stewart iscliff around the store intermittently. Cliff Hunter presently runs the show with the help of Nic, Pete, David, Samantha, and Jane. Come by our store or call us today!!! (901)761-9133.

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